Can't ignore the hardware maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-11
Furniture hardware furniture group refers to the hardware components or is used for hardware furniture furniture has a slide, hinge, sofa feet, levelers, backrest frame, spring, nail gun, feet, connecting, activities, fastening, pull basket, the function of the metal parts such as adornment, also known as the furniture fittings. Furniture hardware categories: according to the classification of materials: plastic, stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, PVC, ABS, copper, nylon etc. According to the function classification: structured furniture hardware, such as glass tea table of the metal structure, discuss the round metal legs, and so on functional furniture hardware, such as horseback riding, hinge, triad fittings, slippery course, layer board type and so on decorative furniture hardware, such as aluminum sealing side, hardware accessories, metal handle and so on according to the scope of classification: panel furniture hardware, solid wood furniture hardware, hardware furniture hardware furniture, office furniture hardware, bathroom hardware, ambry hardware, furniture hardware and so on chest group hardware locks maintenance small coup? Lock is the most easily ignored by people in daily life of hardware accessories, however, in daily life but we will deal with all kinds of lock, the lock, the security plays an important role. After installation of the majority of people in the lock, is neglected, basically no locks for any maintenance. Small make up to summarize some small maintenance tips about the locks. 1, some of the zinc alloy and copper locks with long time will be long 'spot', we do not think that this is rusty, really belongs to oxidation, surface spray wax brush can be used as long as the 'spots'. 2, lock in the use of time is long, insert and pull out the key will not smooth, and put into a graphite powder or pencil powder, can ensure that the key inserted smoothly. 3, lock body rotating parts often should keep a lubricant, to maintain its smooth rotation. Recommended for half a year period at the same time, check the fastening screw loosening, to ensure that the fastening. 4, locks can't long time exposure in the rain, or lock the small spring inside will rust, less flexible, rain rain containing nitric acid, nitrate, corrosion locks. 5, turn key open the door, don't lock the heart without back directly related tags: a key in the bedroom furniture
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