Can't distinguish real wood furniture and solid wood furniture that stick a skin is?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-31
A lot of people think like solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture more natural and warm. So, real wood furniture market, including solid wood furniture can be divided into pure solid wood furniture and solid wood furniture that stick a skin. Both compare, the former is more environmental protection, durable. The latter belongs to the imitation solid wood furniture, or cheap raw materials are usually man-made plank of wood, as well as cement bricks, affordable, not environmental protection function. A lot of people can't distinguish real wood furniture and solid wood furniture that stick a skin is? Look at these three aspects. A: look at scarring many consumers will take high quality furniture surface must be smooth, no scar, and solid wood furniture, but it is wrong. Tree growth, this is not possible, leave scar, it is naturally occurring by looking for scar, so as to distinguish the real wood furniture is going to be a useful method, because the wooden furniture that stick a face less cosmetic defects, clear texture than real wood furniture. We generally optimistic about the placed on the side of the scar, again on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding texture, if so, it must be solid wood furniture. 2: the texture from the grain of wood is also can choose the discriminant furniture is solid wood furniture or solid wood furniture that stick a skin. In general, the panel of the front and back texture characteristics consistent, border on the side is consistent and positive influence is pure solid wood furniture. Also can see whether the texture and structure of plane and section is consistent, really solid wood, each aspect, decorative pattern is a can together. And the grain of real wood veneered furniture its design must be parabolic lines, parallel lines, or more regularly, if appear exactly the same furniture design, must be solid wood veneered furniture. 3: smell smell is a very effective method. Some solid wood furniture will emit the smell of tree species, for example, can have the smell of turpentine pine, can have camphor wood, birch, the smell of the smell of the candlestick tree with cold oil, if there will be no smell of furniture is a sticker may even have a slightly pungent smell. Because wood veneer furniture will use viscose.
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