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by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-06

as people material standard of living rise and the increase of the purchasing power of the many families the elegant, reliable, imported furniture in his sights. But many imported brand furniture in the furniture market is dazzling, choose a nice furniture home is not easy. Due to prolonged imported brand furniture market, more and more furniture manufacturers are closer to the 'import' group, combined with the most consumers of imported furniture brands and international furniture market strange, distinguish the value of 'import' became a great scratching his head. Accordingly, when consumer is buying to first understand the 'import' exactly is what kind of imports. Known as the 'import' furniture brand on the market at present is roughly divided into three categories, one is the pure imported brand, is a kind of raw material imports, domestic production line for processing imported brand, is a well-known brands abroad domestic manufacturer to imitate pure homebred brand of furniture design. Although in many products pick out the original installation import is never easy, but there are ways. In the first place in the promotion and advertising will begin to distinguish, many domestic or domestic assembly furniture especially pay attention to brand publicity, and mainly in the propaganda 'import' press close to, but the vague words, in order to give consumers a kind of illusion from other country. For this kind of situation, in fact, as long as a little note on the word will find never found in the propaganda and introduction 'imported' or 'China imports, and replace it with' design ', 'customs',' came from. 。 。 。 。 。 The feeling of 'and so on. And many details still have to carefully when buy, and consulting to the sales staff can be sure. Many imported furniture has its own unique way of sources of raw materials, design, production, etc. Arnault German famous ambry brand, for example, cabinet put oneself in another's position of it used in the original factory sealed, FCL import, it is different from other brands of plate dismantling box, or fixed cabinet put oneself in another's position of molding product origin is unknown. When consumer is buying details about these details is very important. At the same time, the different styles of furniture products, before the choose and buy, to understand the knowledge first, then according to the needs of their families to choose and buy, it will be easier to buy suitable products.

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