Buy furniture to have 'a penny a points goods' concept of consumption

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

now is the economic market, only a cost-effective products, not the beauty of cheap goods, will certainly be expensive, because good commodities like apple mobile phones, computers, these high-end goods are more expensive than ordinary products, because of the good product tall to the requirement of process, the choice of material is also different, furniture also is same, want to remember you get what you pay for.

once asked us taobao's goods from the customers on the other side of the goods and we compare and foshan, say why our price and they have different, the size of the truth different materials and process, can cause the price is different, like Iraq's, recreational chair, the thickness of the sponge, the thickness of the leather, interface technology, the use of stainless steel and so on have many exquisite, this is the difference, a product of all the comfort and use years depending on the material and craft, may seem there is no much difference in product appearance, but are essentially different, it's best to try the quality of the products when consumers buy, that's why different manufacturers price.

so when consumers buy furniture for a penny a points goods consumption idea.

more exciting in the modern office furniture.

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