Buy furniture: the four secrets of good sofa of choose and buy will know

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

it is said that the face of the sitting room is house, is the soul of the sitting room sofa, representing a character and taste of the family. A good sofa, the bedroom of good life. Every family need sofa, also all know the importance of the sofa, but in the face of dazzling sofa products on the market, choose a suitable for their own product is very critical.

there is no doubt that all the salesman said that their product is good, below small make up with his more than ten years' experience in furniture production, for the university compiled a set of effective method of sofa of choose and buy, share with you once:

1, identify the brand

as far as possible choose better visibility and reputation of enterprise production sofa. Because the brand is the consumer in the long-term use of identity, its quality is stable, use comfortable, professional service and after-sale guaranteed.

that how to identify a brand's awareness and the company's true strength? As consumers just grab a bit, is to see the brand of the honor of the most authoritative. Such as: China's well-known trademark, enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, CNAS certification, etc. China is well-known trademark by the state administration of industry and commerce in accordance with the legal procedures of trademark; Enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, is by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, administration of taxation jointly identified five ministries and commissions such as, it is said that the furniture industry has only one enterprise has won the honor, the highest authority. Get it any one honors are need to have a lot of strict conditions, and certification bodies are national level, and therefore a high gold content, choose them more reliable.

all in all, identify the brand depends on the brand honorary certificate issued by institutions is authoritative, you can tell it visibility and reputation of the authenticity of the ( With a relatively low association, the authority of civil organizations) 。

2, healthy environmental protection, first of all, whether a brand of product environmental protection, the most basic is to see it to have environmental protection product certification certificate, hereinafter referred to as the CTC authentication, with this certification, illustrate the brand products have a certain environmental protection.

second, if you want to product to achieve the highest international environmental requirements, must meet the following conditions: (1) excluding DMF ( Dimethyl fumarate) , the European Union standards, mainly to prevent skin allergy and other related diseases. (2) in REACH53 item, the European Union standards, mainly against the carcinogens. (3) by CARB certification, American standard, the main is limit formaldehyde release a quantity to release a quantity is 3 times as national standard.

3, experience

ideal should sit feels comfortable sofa, sit down and rise up. When people sit, thigh flat, feet on the ground, the body center of gravity natural slightly leans back, spine normal form, muscles relaxed, comfortable posture. Buy sofa must experience, whether its structure design is suitable for yourself, there is no sound. If sofa design is unreasonable, not only will affect the use of the sofa, will also affect people's health, so choose a sitting comfortable sofa is very important.

4, style matching

1. Choose the style and material of sofa. Such as contracted and contemporary, European style, Chinese style style, material with leather, cloth, wood, leather cloth wood combined with the class. Pay attention to design and decorate a style to match. Dermal sofa on the market to sell a lot of at present, it has the advantage of soft, comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer, strong wear resistance, and noble generous, if indoor decoration and luxuriant, might as well choose leather sofa.

(2) to choose the color of sofa. Such as dark and light color, neutral color, mixed color, pay attention to the color of sofa and sitting room decorate to unite, either with decorate color consistent color, either with decorate colour is bouncing colour, such collocation of the sitting room warm harmonious or stereo sense is strong, focused.

all in all, choosing a good sofa, the core is to identify the qualification of a brand, and whether the environmental protection. Generally choose a big brand is more secure, because of the really big brands, a strong company, they are excellent materials, production technology skillfully, guard a pass strictly, to produce high quality products, and the price fair, good service.

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