Buy children furniture need to pay attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

for children's furniture, want to choose those made according to the principle of human body engineering. Also, linked to the child's age and body size, so will make the children feel at ease, is beneficial to their healthy growth.

child with tables and chairs, it is best to have can be adjusted according to the change of height. Mall, there are many can lift a bump, can adjust the desktop inclination of children with table chair, help protect children's eyesight, use fixed number of year is long, the adjustable furniture can be used from childhood to adolescence. Choose not too soft bed for children, because in the growth and development of children, bone, spine did not completely developed in place, a soft berth simple cause deformation of bones of children.

furniture should relies on a wall to put as far as possible, to extend the activity space. should be arranged in the place with enough light, the bed is out of the window. If is room area is lesser, can choose a few more functions of furniture, such as bed, desk and wardrobe triad.

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