Buy a hotel room floor which should be paid attention to avoid the trap

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-29

don't buy additive floor: now a lot of additive color floor flooding the market, the additive color after floor shop is installed, a bit later will produce the problem such as craze, explodes the paint, and both grinding repair, falls off as additive, the floor also can become flowers. When floor of choose and buy to see, to see if the floor texture clear, normal color difference does exist, sawing the floor, the side with water and see if the board gezer, such as big differences, namely the shading plate.

should pay attention to the paint of floor of difference: the floor of the paint on the market now has PU coatings and UV lacquer two kinds, when floor of choose and buy must not buy PU paint floor, because of its benzene and formaldehyde release a quantity is very high, very not environmental protection, and the paint life is very short. UV lacquer is divided into two kinds: one kind is ordinary bright surface spray coating UV paint, one kind is super durable UV paint roller coating. Curtain coating UV paint need to wax regularly, the paint life generally in about two years, and roller coating UV lacquer has an inferior smooth effect, is generally pitted the surface of it, because to join the 3 oxidation 2 aluminium powder in the paint, so it has super wear resistance paint, when buying, must first learn to distinguish between normal and super wear resistant paint roller coating paint.

you must carefully check the thickness and the rabbet: according to the standard, the thickness of the floor should be 18 mm, and many of the floor on the market is only 17. 5 mm, most of these floors are made with the thickness of plate and along bending plate of the transformation, and most suitable bending plate are bad or drying stress problem not solved, so the arch since the floor in the shop is installed is very easy to appear.

the slot length of the floor is a place where easy to cut corners, because the floor area is calculated based on the plate width and length, so the manufacturers have the shorter, the notch is making its board face will be more wide, thus saving a lot of materials. This kind of floor rabbet although short, but because of bad bite on it is easy to produce noise.

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