Business and leisure furniture division according to style and type of a few kinds are there?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

business casual furniture division according to style and type of a few kinds are there? Is working for daily life and social activities for the office or work easily and utensils. According to the usual to furniture style is divided into the following categories: modern classic furniture, European classical furniture and American furniture, classical Chinese style furniture, new classic furniture.

ou shigu home: European classical furniture lasting appeal is very full, have a kind of culture breath, and furniture for designer before, pass years longer, suitable for European classical style of decoration.

the cane makes up furniture: light and easy, the fine weaving wicker of primitive simplicity, relaxed.

metal furniture: personality, extremely rich color selection, species diversity, have fold function, an American values, goods are inexpensive.

American furniture: simple atmosphere, casual but present a smooth lines.

Chinese style classic furniture: classic elegant, exquisite workmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful and easy, but also practical very strong! :

new classic furniture and fluent line, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Both nostalgia and fashionable style, not only by the elderly love, even a young man began to have a special liking to its.

press furniture raw materials can be divided into: solid wood furniture, board type furniture, soft furniture, the cane makes up furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel-wood furniture.

solid wood furniture, use a log for material production, the grinding process, paint, etc. With makings fastidious, durable.

marble furniture: surface glittering and translucent moist, feeling warm, natural and graceful, beautiful pattern texture, but also has the advantages of not afraid dirty, not afraid hot, loved by consumers.

ceramic furniture: ceramic materials general hardness is higher, but low plasticity. In addition to the feeder, the use of decoration, in the development of science and technology also play an important role.

board type furniture: sheet forming, stable performance, not easy to deformation, processing and transportation are more convenient.

soft furniture, soft furniture mainly refers to is the sponge, fabric as the main body of the furniture.

gangmu furniture: simple geometry and simple gangmu combination and simple colors, expressed the gangmu furniture for contracted wind.

glass furniture, with its unique crystal clear, pure and fresh and clear characteristics and popularity.

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