Brand enterprise why more expensive than ordinary business furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-16

each manufacturer to produce the same product price will be different, the price is much lower than the general manufacturer that the product quality is a problem, or use the low end of the material, if is much higher than general factory price, so the factory or a company must be a big brand of furniture enterprises. Brand enterprise why more expensive than ordinary business furniture? They have what different place?

I think different places is a service, think IT industry associations sometimes a product configuration is better than other companies, but the price is higher than the others, for the simple reason that lenovo's service is very good, very in place, I had a lenovo computer, later is broken ( In the on-site service time) , on the day of a call to their company, the next day they repair, and service attitude is very good, then feel indeed is a big brand. And furniture enterprise also is same, why more expensive than ordinary business furniture brand enterprise is very important that service, to gain a foothold in a competitive market, can only rely on professional services, in addition to launch promotion, completes the service also can add value, thus the quality of the high-end furniture to emerge. At present more mature high-end furniture brand, has established a perfect service system, and are equipped with a special team responsible for operation. Some even besides have perfect service system and team, also equipped with professional furniture accessories design team to provide customers with meticulous service.

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