Brand advantage and characteristics of solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-06
According to the Chinese theory of five elements, wood, fire, means that a thriving, warm and peaceful lumber, belong to the positive, so generally adopts pure real wood floor in the bedroom and sitting room. Pure solid wood because people have wood, wood or wood catheter is pore structure, can absorb the moisture in the air in the summer, winter wood release part of the water, can effectively adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Wood itself is a kind of magnetic field, can effectively shielded metal magnetic field of the harm to human body, effectively regulate the physiological function of human body. Especially in the bedroom, the curing characteristics of real wood is more obvious. This is also why 'rest' of 'leisure' is a person called 'leisure' lying on from the tree. Wood can effectively kill mites in the air, the fragrance of wood in the aromatic hydrocarbon can effectively relieve people's health, relieve tension, people live in the environment of real wood is very easy to relax. Brand solid wood furniture has what characteristics? 1, natural real wood furniture of wooden instinctive quality of natural wooden instinctive quality, meet the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs. 2, unique style, personality natural texture, with perfect jade, general surface can see its unique beautiful decorative pattern. 3, natural environmental protection solid wood furniture is this the biggest features: the use of natural wood, use less glue. 4, long service life, life is 5 times of board type furniture, about 15 to 20 years. 5, has value can be used as art collection, preservation and appreciation. 6, workmanship than the board type furniture is more complex, natural increase labor costs. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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