Boreal Europe furniture classic masterpiece: egg chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

egg chair can be said to be one of the most classic chair in the 20th century, the modelling of fluent line, beautiful, comfortable and at ease sitting feeling, all without exception is fascinated, at the time of egg chair with the swan chair is popular in the European classical style.

egg chair is Danish designer Jacobsen's design work, because it armrest and back of a chair is like an egg, so be called egg chair, in addition to the name of egg chair, there are many other names, oval chair, egg chair, egg chair said is this chair, the chair besides line is fluent, is shaped like an egg, the biggest bright spot is that security and privacy, sit down on the egg chair can give a person a kind of intangible sense of security and illicit close space, make people get the most relaxed, egg chair and swan chair was considered to be one of the most representative work of northern Europe.

put the egg chair recreational area, sitting above repose, chair and armrest of egg shell cuts us off from the outside noise, leaving their own space, to relax, that's how comfortable.

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