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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-31

the board type furniture is to point to by man-made plank can be connected with the add hardware furniture, the furniture tear open outfit is convenient, save timber, colour diversity, furniture industry is to develop varieties, especially in today's first-tier cities, plate hotel furniture occupies a large market share, because its plank is out of shape not easily, colour diversity, are popular with many people. Then we when plate hotel furniture of choose and buy, what areas do I need to have special attention, below small make up to sort out some of the skills to share with you:

1, the board type furniture to consider environmental protection

from the aspects of environmental protection, the furniture is the most important is to environmental protection, for anyone, health is the most important. So what do you think board type furniture is environmental protection? From furniture certificate, certificate of E1, E0 is furniture of environmental protection, whether also can smell furniture has excitant odour, also can see that furniture is environmental protection.

2, plate hotel furniture plate quality

plank in northeast China ash, for good, grain is beautiful, strong and durable. If it is plastic stick panel, it shall look around the panel from the side seam. If it is fine wood veneers, check whether seam of batten, wood texture is suitable.

3, plate work details of hotel furniture

good furniture to see whether the detail work, such as hardware accessories, sealing side part is closed, etc.

4, the degree of firm structure and activities section of the plate hotel furniture gap

with the hand gently push the furniture, if there is a shake or a creaking noise, structure is firm. See gaps in the activities section mainly from the crack of the door, drawer and other details on the clearance of appropriate or not, see the degree of fine furniture.

5, the color of board type hotel furniture

when choosing furniture, not alone to see if the color of furniture looks good, but according to furniture and indoor metope color, if the floor color such as coordination. Coordinated look better match the color of furniture, warmth, bigger difference will feel very strange.

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