Board type furniture should be how to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-26

there is a kind of board type furniture, furniture in the furniture and with very much, almost every family can use the board type furniture often use words how also do not need to maintain, but in order to let the longer life of board type furniture, the necessary maintenance or want, board type furniture should be how to maintain, maintenance method is how many?

board type furniture maintenance methods:

1, the board type furniture wax available nursing care, with a small amount of water with a towel to clean, keep the panel is clean.

2, regular inspection on board type furniture fittings, look to whether have become loose, fall off wait for a phenomenon.

3, if found in the home plate has a scar, color can be used with the paint color, avoid found more problems.

4, board type furniture to avoid in high temperature, humidity and strong light, the best in a cool place.

5, avoid by all means use acid liquid cleaning board type furniture. , such as metal trim surface is difficult to remove the black spots available kerosene to wipe, clean.

and board type furniture of choose and buy method and steps of

we often can see, the board type furniture in the market, there are more than 7 into is board type furniture, the price of board type furniture is higher, the diversity of style of board type furniture, a variety of color, a good craftsmanship, durability, feel is board type furniture, function and so on all is good, so choose a good board type furniture is very critical, next to introduce the method and steps of choose and buy of board type furniture.

to choose a good board type furniture, you need to first choose to merchants, the merchants of the big brands are generally preferred, if their price is more expensive to take a step back, can select the regular manufacturers and stores to buy, remember, board type furniture manufacturer is more, unlicensed unlicensed is not in the minority, must not choose not honest merchants, furniture and life is closely linked, we can't make fun of his own life.

select merchants, is to choose furniture, choose the time to see and smell of board type furniture furniture:

look, a look at the sealing side of board type furniture whether level off, the presence of upwarping phenomenon. Pay special attention to whether the six sides will do the sealing side, presence of seal leakage. Sealing side impact on the appearance, use safety, for the release of formaldehyde have influence. Look at the surface of board type furniture, the board type furniture have scratches, indentation, bubbling, glue marks, surface smooth, do you have any paint defects such as leakage, finally see the use of the hardware, can tear open outfit combination is one of the largest advantages of board type furniture, so the quality of the fittings are linked to the quality of the furniture. Import furniture on your valued in these details.

to smell, smell is aimed at formaldehyde emissions, if stimulating odour of furniture will not be able to buy, what is excitant odour, is may irritate to eyes, nose, throat, let oneself uncomfortable smell excitant odour. The smell of furniture releases as light as possible.

in the end, find a price, industry people understand, the world can't drop pie, buy furniture to have a penny a points goods consumption idea, what kind of price corresponding to what kind of goods.

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