Board type furniture should be how to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

there is a kind of board type furniture, furniture in the furniture and with very much, almost every family can use the board type furniture often use words how also do not need to maintain, but in order to let the longer life of board type furniture, the necessary maintenance or want, board type furniture should be how to maintain, maintenance method is how many?

board type furniture maintenance methods:

1, the board type furniture wax available nursing care, with a small amount of water with a towel to clean, keep the panel is clean.

2, regular inspection on board type furniture fittings, look to whether have become loose, fall off wait for a phenomenon.

3, if found in the home plate has a scar, color can be used with the paint color, avoid found more problems.

4, board type furniture to avoid in high temperature, humidity and strong light, the best in a cool place.

5, avoid by all means use acid liquid cleaning board type furniture. , such as metal trim surface is difficult to remove the black spots available kerosene to wipe, clean.

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