Board type furniture of choose and buy skills and selection method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

board type furniture is the most common in our daily life, like to see, the street I met online, have mostly board type furniture in the home, the maintenance of board type furniture is same and the furniture of maintenance, as to the line to wipe clean, often placed in a flat place, do not put in near the heat source, not in direct sunlight place, need to keep ventilated dry, and so on are the maintenance skills and methods of board type furniture, so what choice board type furniture has skills? Today we'll learn the skills and selection method of board type furniture.

1, the board type furniture is a man-made board furniture, so the formaldehyde content need to pay attention to pay attention to, look to whether exceed bid, don't smell excitant odour gas.

2, never buy rickety furniture, because such furniture apparent test not pass, can shake the furniture when buying furniture, see if there is a loose furniture.

3, board type furniture color is varied, so some people in order to furniture is beautiful and didn't consider the collocation of the space environment, resulting in furniture and space conflict, so choose to combine the space environment to consider.

4, board type furniture mostly by hardware component link, so the small metal parts to be aware of, to prevent the lack of parts.

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