Board type furniture of choose and buy and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-31

how to board type furniture of choose and buy

see surface quality: look at the surface of the plate if there is a scratch, indentation, bubbling, degumming, peeling, and defects such as glue trace not kind of choose and buy. Grain pattern whether natural smooth, feel to have artificial artificial. For symmetric furniture, more attention should be paid to the plate the consistency of color and texture, harmonious, let a person feel like a piece of material.

see production quality: board type furniture is the forming of plate after cutting saws, decorative combination sealing side, parts assembled, and its quality mainly see saw cutting quality, and the quality of decoration quality, port panel.

to make the plate in the cutting saw plate of board type furniture parts of straightness, vertical degree, to the Angle have quality requirements, in general, plate cutting saw error at 0 per meter. 01 mm within, meet the precision requirements of plate cutting saw behind profile level off, good to Angle, made after the furniture will not appear the phenomenon of plate tilt. Cutting saw blades of precision can also affect the quality of plate end and side edges. Scratches, collapse collapse edge, Angle cutting saws defects may also affect the appearance quality of board type furniture. Edge, the adornment basically see the decorative components on glue is even, the stick is strong, trimming whether level off is smooth, spare parts, such as side plate, door plank, drawer panel below mouth visual components such as face whether did edge processing, fine decoration plate edge profile on couldn't touch the bond.

the tongue-and-groove combined basically see the hole is delicate, neat; Whether fittings installed firmly; Plane and end face have tee joint clearance after connection, with the hand push have loose phenomenon; Door, drawer, whether the gap is too big, in 1 - general requirements Between the 2 mm; Open doors and drawer freely flexible drive, etc.

how to maintenance of board type furniture

of board type furniture is to use a variety of different specifications of the panel and its physical properties is stable, has the characteristics of strong, durable, but the stress is not so let plank is overweight, or still will produce the problem such as deformation. Don't let the noise of board type furniture exposure in the sun for a long time, otherwise the surface is easy bubbles or cracks. In addition, although board type furniture than most solid wood furniture, but if there is liquid in the above dipping more than 6 hours, also leaves it is difficult to eliminate.

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