Board type furniture classification and analyses the advantages and disadvantages

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-31
Board type furniture classification and advantages and disadvantages of analysis < P> board type furniture is to point to by medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particle board furniture made of surface cover, etc, a significant portion of board type furniture is a furniture wood grain simulation. Currently on the market to sell some of the face of board type furniture is more and more realistic, luster, feel is good, fine craftsmanship and plank and hardware fittings better products is very expensive. < / P> < P> board type furniture is a man-made board as the main base material, and is a board for disassembling the basic structure of modular furniture, all the man-made plank of surface decoration of furniture and hardware connection. Common man-made plank has plywood, joinery board, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. Plywood ( Splint) Often used to make bending deformation of furniture; Joinery board performance is sometimes influenced by board core material; Particle board ( MFC, also called particle board, bagasse board) Texture osteoporosis, only for cheap furniture; In fiber board price is highest, the most commonly used medium density fiberboard (MDF) ( MDF) 。 < / P> < P> common veneer board type furniture materials have two sub-companies named seaport ( Commonly known as stick wood) , wood grain paper ( Commonly known as sticker) , PVC plastic board, polyester paint, Commonly known as) of the lacquer that bake And so on. After three facing such is typically used for furniture, and natural wood veneer is used for high grade product. < / P> < P> environmental protection board type furniture of choose and buy of < / P> < P> the first depends on the color of the plate, choose the popular color that oneself like, to see the production process, including sealing side, the structure of the furniture is reasonable, the use of hardware mainly focus on durable coefficient, general import hardware the service life is one hundred thousand times, the equivalent of two decades; The second is to see smell, environmental protection furniture should not excitant taste, don't irritate eyes, nose, throat, and smelling is mainly aimed at formaldehyde release a quantity to the environmental protection of board type furniture formaldehyde content is lower, the better, but is in the guarantee of strength at the same time, the lower the better. < / P> < P> the trick of board type furniture of choose and buy < / P> < P> 1, the face of board type furniture < / P> < P> identify paper board type furniture is a face or a face, it is difficult. The easiest way is to observe patterns, wood veneer with natural knots, color and texture. < / P> < P> 2, the sealing side of board type furniture, < / P> < P> to pay attention to the quality of edge banding material, pay attention to the sealing side have the phenomenon of uneven, cock. Special note that it isn't six sides sealing side - - Although with formaldehyde-free adhesive, man-made board in the production process there will be more or less volatile gas, sealing side, the bedroom environment is good, of course. < / P> < P> 3, the fastness of board type furniture < / P> < P> a is the crack of furniture, drawers joint clearance, if the gap is big, coarsely, time grew also deformation; Second, single box or bag, usually, in addition to outside a layer board, furniture should also be attached inside a level board, this is called double box, the furniture of double box are beautiful and strong. < / P> < P> 4, the paint of board type furniture < / P> < P> have streaks pigment? Angle of paint coating too thick? Are there any cracks or bubble? These are all want to take a closer look at, but also have to ask the clerk, a few coat on furniture, is of course the more the better. < / P> < P> 5, the hinge groove of board type furniture < / P> < P> can be seen from the hinge slot and hole drilling material is medium density board type furniture or particle board, one of the best method is to carefully observe the hinge slot and hole drilling, exposed the internal structure, you can see the particleboard and MDF. < / P> < P> 6, the hardware of board type furniture < / P> < P> the use of the hardware, can tear open outfit combination is one of the largest advantages of board type furniture, so fitting quality and the quality of the whole furniture, expensive imported furniture is in the details. < / P>
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