Bent wood furniture to design more feasible

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

bent wood furniture makes the design more feasible, flexible principle of bent wood furniture is to use wood, pressure, heating up to bend wood furniture made after bending forming. Bent wood furniture was first invented in 19th century Austria craftsmen, and mass production curved wooden chair, from then on began the modern furniture. Bent wood furniture is the most typical with chair, bed screen at the same time, the legs of the table, rattan bamboo screen, also use bent wood more wicker furniture production process.

tracks the emergence of may let furniture design has increased type, soft and comfortable, from metal can be bent to technology can make the wood to bend, so was born the comfortable atmosphere of the mustang lounge chair, and then produce a series of masterpieces, technology into the design of human beings. Make impossible possible, and derive more good-looking and durable contracted furniture.

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