Bedside table and bookcase maintenance cleaning method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-02

in our home life, bedside furniture.com/classic-dining-table' target='_blank'>table, bookcase are necessary, in daily life, how should we maintain clean this kind of furniture?

night stand cleaning and maintenance method is as follows:

1, white vinegar, cleaning method - With white vinegar and hot water blended in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe furniture surface besmirch, if the stains are difficult to remove, can stay in a little vinegar water stains on the surface, then rub hard with a soft cloth. Because of acetic acid to soften dirt from the surface of the furniture. This method is suitable for the maintenance of annatto furniture, and other furniture cleaning after contaminated with oil ink, etc.

2, toothpaste - cleaning method - You can dip in with dishcloth toothpaste or was gently deposited in the above, using bleaching of toothpaste, furniture paint color from yellow to white. But when wiping rub of avoid by all means, because the abrasive in the toothpaste was will wear off, the paint will damage the surface of the furniture.

3, tea - cleaning method - Painted furniture is stained with dirt, can use gauze slightly wet tea leaves to wipe brush, use dry cloth or touch cold water wash, can make furniture especially bright and clean and bright. But the use of tea to wipe furniture, remember to use dip in with clear water with a slightly damp cloth and then wipe clean tea. Because tea is often a tea, residue in furniture paint surface affect the original color.

4, lemon - cleaning method - If the polish or the varnish on the wood, inadvertently been thermal hot very hot mark, can use first lemon slice, lemon juice or dipped the cloth to wipe, and then soaked in hot water in the soft cloth to wipe, final reoccupy fast dry soft cloth to wipe, can restore the original light.

5, beer - cleaning method - Take 1400 ml ale boil, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams beeswax, stir well mix. When the mixture is cooled, dip in with soft cloth after polished wood, such as besmirch wipe clean with clear water again after wipe off the residue, finally dry with a soft dry cloth.

6, milk - cleaning method - If milk expired can't drink, don't throw away, can maintain with it furniture. With a clean piece of cloth on the dip in milk, and then use the cloth to wipe the table such as wooden furniture, remove dirt effect is very good. Finally remember to use water to clean it again, or you will have milk is milk residue. This method is suitable for a variety of leather, paint, marble, polly plate furniture, etc.

how to dealing with dust bookcase? Shelves clean method

1, the bookcase with glass doors, this way seems to be more beautiful, also won't affect the normal use. But it is important to note that way often require changes to the shelf, this is a big project, it requires a certain amount of money in it. Finally can largely change bookshelf dust problem, better also do.

2, isolate the dust cover cloth curtain keep out, also some people will choose more simple way, that is to choose drapes in isolation. Actually such practices and installation of the glass door is the same truth, is relatively will be more simple. But do so often let the loss of the aesthetic feeling of whole and indoor, therefore also has a lot of people don't want to accept the way.

3, dustproof problem can only be more clear, actually the most stupid and most primitive way is often cleaned up. Is not only clean up the dust on the shelf, especially indoor must keep clean and tidy, avoid too much dust on the shelf above. But this requires a lot of manpower material resources, often a lot of people also can stick to the beginning, to late will feel exhausted. Although open bookcase looks very fashionable, but also will bring people a lot of pain and trouble.

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