Basic knowledge on the couch

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-07

deck chair is the qing dynasty in our country has a new function use and one of the new style furniture, chairs, there are many warm bed chair, chair, leisure chair, spring chair is different style of different appellation of deck chair.

deck chair to European chair, is a kind of armrest, back of a chair is very high, after the long seat and front seat high low and backward at large Angle of the chair, thought that the user can lie on your back in the above named, is after late qing dynasty popular cantonese style furniture.

can be one of the oldest recreational chair is on the couch. As the saying goes: but delicious dumplings, comfortable lying down, however, after a busy day back home, the most comfortable thing is the body relax, threw himself into the man's comfortable & throughout; In completely relax and deck chair shown extreme comfort, like parents to give children tender embrace.

now chair of the chair surface were designed into wavy, and people lying on the ups and downs of the body curve, the function structure of the human nature and beautiful modelling lets a person lying in the above will be extremely relaxed and stretch, comfortable, such as in the cloud, just want to sweet sleep. Put some chairs here have teapoy, need to pull out, on food and drink; Some chairs will be installed in place of the horse on the massager, details are also designed to be very considerate; Some deck chair design originality comes from cushion, cushion, pillow, the mother's care, simulate the legs and arms, when the user to sit down, the chair will make corresponding adjustments to adapt to the user, the pursuit of reach people with the best combination of chair.

deck chair is usually two pair, one double type tea table, put among the upper decoration stone bonsai, flower POTS, water base for tea or other items, is gossip or nap at home to enjoy friends and loved ones new furniture. Must try to lie, of course, when buying, everyone to the hardness requirement of deck chair, size does not necessarily want to cooperate with the height, comfortable is the key.

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