Basic characteristics of contemporary and contracted style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

what is the distinguishing feature of popular contemporary and contracted style? Pop, contemporary and contracted style is fashion, concise style. Its adornment line is compared commonly simple, the decorative elements, but the fashion, the avant-garde but feel breath out, it is not a simple stack and flat out straight put, but the design element, color, lighting, materials in the most concise way to reveal the essence of design, so as to achieve fine quality, so the contemporary and contracted style space design is more implicative, often paring down, return to the authenticity of the simple and the primary colors of life.

concise and practical is the basic characteristics of contemporary and contracted style. Emphasizes the function first, first of all to do practical household, so it doesn't have much pure decorative things, but is incorporated in the function, the design in the contemporary and contracted household rarely seen trival adornment, droplight of simple style, part of the adornment picture is rarely practical, concise and easy, practical and its standard, reflects the current minimalist philosophy of life, space look flat and agile.

black, white, gray is the primary color of contemporary and contracted style, the most can show the cold colors simple and concise, the refining of the context, the most inclusive design, let a space to return to rational and pure. But clearly, too cool color also can appear cold and rigid, to show the contemporary and contracted style, personality, also can use contrast color, such as emerald, sapphire blue, red high brightness of flexible use of my aunt, at the same time pay attention to the highlight material texture, is not only to follow the contracted style, also show individual character.

furniture design emphasizes the practical function, the general line is fluent, more for linear modelling, the use of auxiliary material and metal, glass, stainless steel, common household adornment gimmick is contemporary and contracted style. Deserve to act the role of also continues the black, white, grey color, with compact model, perfect details, build an edgy feel uninhibited. The dot eyeball design, can make the home of grace can be sustained, is long.

the above is the overview of contemporary and contracted style. Contemporary and contracted style is the most important contemporary design style, to acme contracted and pure, and cost high sex ratio is formed on the function, extensive practicability, it was almost every age paragraph person accept and love, become the most international style, language is one of the world's most popular design.

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