Autumn your brand solid wood furniture also need care

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-27
Autumn wind blow gently, cold invasion, qiu dong season, the air humidity is low, we would have to the skin filling water service, however, whether do you also consider home 'solid wood furniture is also need maintenance' in fact, brand solid wood furniture also need to take good care of attraction. Aiming at this problem, the brand solid wood furniture the staff answer says, 'solid wood furniture need to wax regularly, maintenance, under normal circumstances, only played in a wax can each quarter, such furniture looks shiny and surface not vacuuming, easy to' clean up. At the same time he warns a citizen, after waxing, the daily clean don't use oily solid wood furniture cleaner, 'because of this, can make furniture surface to produce bleaching. If the furniture surface besmirch, do not use alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvent removal, to remove stain gently with warm boiled water, wait until after the water evaporation on the original parts with a little light wax, then lightly ground form a protective film several times. 'In addition, the woodiness furniture is very delicate, even more protection as much as possible at ordinary times, light moving light, especially when cleaning, should avoid touching furniture cleaning tools, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect the surface no trace of the flaw and silk etc. The workers cautioned, 'for solid wood furniture, maintain only auxiliary work, had better be in at the beginning of the purchase will choose the high quality brand products, so that maintenance is also more energy. Relevant tags: 'brand solid wood furniture
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