Assembly and disassembly of modern furniture design

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

abstract: environmental protection has become an important task of human is imminent, in the process of design, the dismantling of modern furniture should improve product performance, reduce costs, save resources.

furniture industry is developing rapidly in recent years, according to the survey of the Italian milan CSIL industry research center, the world furniture industry's current annual output is 200 billion dollars, every year consumes huge amounts of energy and resources. Furniture products, with the rapid development of construction industry and people's housing conditions continue to improve, selective growth. The rich western countries are thrown away each year millions of office table, office chair, table and ambry, furniture such as a mattress. But old furniture recycling utilization rate is very low at present, one of the reasons, is to design products without considering its disassembly recycling performance, lack of necessary parts and materials, the result of useful and useless materials and parts are difficult to remove the separation, to make a lot of reusable components can't reuse effectively, even though some product can remove the recovery, but the cost price has lost the value of recycling.

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