As the window of home decoration, we pay attention to choose custom wardrobe

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-09
Bedroom furniture brand product wardrobe for unified style, size is not flexible, for the some space is limited to decorate is not ideal, therefore, made a whole wardrobe became now young people decorate a kind of popular options. In the closet store to find suitable family and preference of a whole wardrobe, then make to order a whole wardrobe of your own. But, here small make up remind you, make to order a whole wardrobe has a lot of attention can't be ignored oh, together, to get to know. Subject to the conditions of the installation process, the traditional scene also. the closets are mainly composed of clapboard structure, division is very simple, function is relatively single, can only meet hanging clothes and placed stacked items two functions. Custom wardrobe clapboard and cabinet put oneself in another's position is not like manual also. the wardrobe with nails fixed, therefore, when the user's actual demand changes, can according to need to increase or reduce the diaphragm. In addition to the diaphragm, custom wardrobe and drawers, trousers rack, metal fittings such as basket, telescopic pier glass, shoe rack, stylist according to consumer habits and dress how many different parts together, fully embody the cabinet put oneself in another's position of store content function diversification. Can reflect beautiful and custom closet cupboard door, the cupboard door, diverse styles, different styles on the market, consumers can according to domestic outfit style to choose, one of the highlights of the wardrobe as adorned. Bedroom furniture brand chest, the traditional scene forge is woodworking field measurements, according to the size to cut the big core board at the scene, is connected by a nail, lacing made its chest, chest after molding, assembling, and then at the request of the user to take corresponding process on the surface of the big core board and edge for manual processing. And professional custom wardrobe use plank in the majority with particle board, plank and standardized production line fully automatic edge banding machine, to grasp the accurate size, ensure the fit of the chest and fidelity, plate edge is more uniform, not coarse. Relevant tags: ZhuangHe furniture customization
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