As a contemporary and contracted style household market pet

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

contemporary and contracted style is not always is the darling of the home market. European, American, such as the Mediterranean amorous feelings of household style was once occupied household market, at the time, not so many people pursuit of contemporary and contracted. With the rapid development of economy, people's life concept also great changes have taken place, contracted and is no longer synonymous with cheap.

in 2018, contracted wind, cool wind still is the darling of the home market. These two years, clearly feel a lot of owners in domestic outfit product on the selection of materials and decoration style, tend to be more simple. Has many years experience of selling furniture ms zhang said. They choose not to be mad TV wall, sofa setting wall, ceiling, but choose the Nordic contracted, Japanese contracted and contemporary and contracted style of furniture. Household colour is given priority to with quietly elegant, pure color. But on the material quality of the furniture, the consumer has a higher request, such as leather, wood, cotton, linen and other natural household products and so on.

contracted style furniture modelling of seemingly simple, but because of natural selection, cost is higher, so the price is not low. But do not affect it has become the darling of the home market. Investigate its reason, contracted style of furniture is very able to bear or endure look, carefully taste gives a person a kind of low-key, luxury, have the feeling of connotation, conforms to the modern young people to pursue the simple and pure.

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