Ark hotel custom class furniture daily cleaning

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-28

hotel custom cabinets class furniture cabinets, wine cabinet or closet, have a cupboard door and open, cannot avoid stained with dust or stains, whether scientific clean custom furniture may also affect the service life.

1, the cabinet put oneself in another's clean

the surface of the cabinet put oneself in another's position in the dirt, it is best to use the soft hair brush or soft cloth wipe, can properly be stained with water, but don't let the cloth in the wet state, ordinary twist dry soft cloth. If it is difficult for surface cleaning besmirch, best according to the actual situation using sand wax scoured or clean with neutral detergent, avoid by all means use with corrosive cleaner clean the closet.

2, cupboard door cleaning

hotel custom cabinet kind of furniture according to the different decorate a style, selection of cupboard door plank is also very diverse, the use of different plates have different properties, the same, also need different maintenance methods.

( 1) Solid wood cabinet: the high price of real wood cupboard door, when cleaning, had better choose special detergent, spray on a soft cloth to wipe, avoid fabric of door plank wear or that door is in damp environment for a long time.

( 2) The material of glass cupboard door: long-term use coarser wipe the glass will make the material surface is coarse. Glass is best to use clear water clean, dry and at the end of the cleaning timely

( 3) Metal cupboard door: the most important thing to notice is door plank of corrosion phenomena, and avoid scratch of surface protective film off door plank. So, the metal door plank is best to use clear water with dry dishcloth.

( 4) Cortex cupboard door: cortical door surface soft, easy to cause physical damage, at the same time, also need to choose neuter cleaner, avoid corrosion on the surface of the cortex.

3, metal cleaning

hotel custom cabinets kind of furniture hardware accessories, including handles, hinges, hinge and so on detail items. Although the overall volume of furniture hardware is very small, but they make up the whole furniture 'use basis'. In everyday use, it is also necessary for hardware timely maintenance and cleaning. Handle and hinge, the pulley needs to be timely, whereas the lock could use a small amount of graphite powder lubrication on a regular basis.

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