An article to tell you what is board type furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
Board type furniture is made of composite plate office furniture, the advantage of this commodity is able to choose the kinds of plank and tonal. The base material of board type furniture is to use man-made plank, what is called the man-made plank. Man-made plank wood is in the process of production of tailings material, mixed on the other plate made of fiber. There are a lot of, the kinds of man-made plank are composed of plywood, MDF, man-made board, wood board, fire board, etc. A: strengths board type furniture is not solid wood furniture more features, but board type furniture has many strengths. Board type furniture to design is original, colour is gorgeous, red wood grain clarity and not deformation, not crack, insect-resistant, price moderate, etc advantages has become a new group in the office furniture type. 2: characteristics of plate office furniture are made of metal parts, rubber parts as tight fixed parts, hardware requirements sensitive, RunHua and surface electroplating processing good, there can be no rust, pitting, etc. , with a higher precision. Rubber thing to design beautiful modelling, colour is gorgeous, the application of the real position have the range and degree, cannot excessive single open fixed a requirement of the spinning sensitive, internal structure equipped with spring matter pine is proper, the office furniture in open applications will be stable, easy, no friction. 3: advantage board type furniture is made of tailings, the rest of the wood material, so the price of board type furniture level much more cost-effective than solid wood office furniture, board type furniture because of the high relative density, compressive ability is strong, not deformation, so durable, and board type furniture has to remove, so convenient transport level. Four: tone plate office furniture veneer more selective, when buying office furniture to office workplace contracted decorate to supplement the decorative pattern of veneer and tonal, it also satisfied with the young people of human nature to seek for office work.
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