An ageing population furniture design how to 'fit'

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10
'Suitable' furniture is occasionally mentioned topic in the furniture industry in recent years, China's aging population trend is able to get a feel of many industry structure, even total to usurp the role of 'young' of shenzhen, to the elderly over the age of 60, 2020 will reach 760000, ageing rate at about 6. 9%, according to international standards, shenzhen will have entered the aging society. As a furniture design, production and sales of the country's town, shenzhen '' for use in the elderly household development? I unfortunately found that although individual research institutions and property study of the old furniture of form a complete set, but the market blank is far from being developed, almost none of the shenzhen furniture producing enterprise is engaged in comfortable home in design and production, however, the present situation and this shall be the responsibility of the enterprise, not only for old furniture is need to be more strict system of research and production areas, although we are already aging, the urban population structure but form a complete set of old furniture has lagged far behind. Shenzhen need comfortable furniture for basic research and standard nearly a year or two, the market will occasionally appear alleged furniture that is designed for the elderly, but this market really opened in shenzhen? 'Shenzhen no enterprise is engaged in the furniture production. 'Shenzhen furniture association housing hardcover developing courtyard dean kwan wing hong, as a people have for decades and furniture, the tone of kwan wing hong some helpless. Since the ageing is an inevitable trend, the trend is accompanied by huge market blank, shenzhen has a group of powerful productive furniture company, why no one in comfortable old furniture? 'In most cases, we may think, because shenzhen is very young, but this is just one of many reasons, it is more important for old furniture not only by a few companies to development and production, it requires more strict than ordinary furniture for basic research and higher production standards. 'Kwan wing hong explained. Even with all over the country's leading furniture design and development of resources, shenzhen also failed to form development in this field. Shenzhen furniture association in nearly a year or two due to the project cooperation, and part of the real estate company, specifically for the furniture of form a complete set of old people has carried on the research and investigation, will find that the content of basic research in our country there is very little. 'When we go to Japan to do research, found that the Japanese have a good comfortable home in basic research. 'Kwan wing hong so far to see there was impressed by the institute for the study of auxiliary equipment: through the machine for the designer's neck shoulder and waist leg activity restrictions, simulate the life condition of old people,' when you really like the elderly is restricted action, will be on how to design the suitable for their family has a different way. 'This equipment is expensive, the basis of the system's research is more big,' the furniture of suitable for the elderly 'is not a few designers draw after the imagination of simple drawings, but in the basic research on the concrete design. Kwan wing hong explained, university research institutions should have related, but it seems not. Internal institutions at the same time as household association want to do is spend so much of the research, also need financial support. At the same time, after a basic research support, should also be introduced accordingly industry production standards of the state, after the design and manufacture link is can enter the chain. Contradiction between the elderly consumption habits and comfortable furniture cost in addition to the lack of basic research and industry standards, there is a cross between the enterprise and market factors, 'the elderly frugal spending habits also is to let the market blank has been neglected. 'Deep one company of shenzhen furniture product design company founder Cai Peifan explanation, he believes that the current domestic most of the elderly group of ordinary people consumption idea or put' thrifty 'as the first, but comfortable old furniture is higher than the cost of average household, this is a paradox. More comfortable furniture price? Cai Peifan explanation, old people use the household must give attention to both safety and practical, bedroom furniture brand of the quality of the metal material quality and production technology compared with ordinary household is also higher, 'such as drawer or cabinet put oneself in another's position, the elderly body lack of power, the hardware of the smooth degree of demand is high, so their cost also increased. 'Cai Peifan think comfortable old Chinese furniture market development, at this stage may be more dependent on children to buy. Relevant tags: dining room furniture
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