All kinds of plastic furniture maintenance method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

plastic furniture special by many popular among young people of higher education, they love their own small household decorate contracted style, with colorful plastic and transparent furniture let indoor bright. Plastic furniture on behalf of, will not be cheap, but a unique, decorous grade and brand-new life interest, from the international furniture fair in milan in recent years can feel the regression of plastic furniture tide, plastic furniture will shine furniture market in our country. Then the plastic furniture, how to maintain? Jas. Emperor furniture will be for you some moves.

shenzhen emperor furniture 1, plastic furniture available ordinary detergent washing, pay attention to not hit hard, don't use metal brush cleaning. Plastic furniture can be maintained frequently wash, prevent bask in fresh for a long time. 2, polypropylene furniture light, solvent oil, to the chemical performance is good, but the hardness of the poor, should prevent collision and point hard scratch, if there is any crack patched by the method of hot melt are available, and there is no glue stick. 3, PVC furniture aging, embrittlement, can only in indoor use, not suitable for outdoor. Should avoid direct sunlight and close to the stove and radiator. If you have broken after soldering iron very hot soft glue are available, and can also use banana oil and melted PVC dissolved into glue. 4, various properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture is good, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Its long life, strong and durable, but the damage is not easy to repair, screws and washers connection available trim. When using, should prevent accidental fracturing, bearing load and scratches. 5, artificial leather, synthetic leather, soft leather furniture, can't stand the heat, the sun, afraid, afraid of cold oil, should not be subjected to use toilet, kitchen. Commonly used a clean soft cloth for cleaning. Such as dirt, can be stained with neutral detergent wipe brush with cloth, then dry the wet cloth to wipe, reoccupy does cloth to wipe dry, hood on artificial leather and synthetic leather furniture cloth cover, such as sofa sets, chair cover can prolong service life. 6, plastic veneered furniture not to receive direct sunlight and local vertical pressure, heat, prevent the cover of the expansion, come unglued. Cover off its matrix is found, should clean with banana oil or xylene combining site first, then use glue paste recovery, after the glue dried, then in combination with joints with varnish.

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