All kinds of common wood damaged reasons and repair methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-02

the ground of the wooden floor board is often better than the alternative decorate decorate material, due to the foot feels comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, is more popular with consumers, and the floor is very fragile, the floor USES time is long, the colour and lustre of surface gradually faded, at the same time, accompanied by traces of damage, and the wood floor repair of damaged? Before the repair, first to partake of the wood floor damage reason, fast and see it! The floor repair to repair damaged, first encountered such a problem, I don't know how to deal with. If understand floor damage repair repair methods, can repair immediately, stop the floor damage. Here are the floor damage repair methods, first take a look at it!

a, floor of wood of damaged reason

1, the drum. Since the floor drum, is one of the common floor shop problems, may be caused by physical factors of the heat bilges cold shrink, in other words, is associated with the weather, may also be too damp, or wood into the water. In order to ensure the wood floor can't afford to drum, at the end of the civil engineering, not immediately laid of real wood floor; If the bedroom in the moist environment, with moisture-proof wooden floor laid advisable; When laying, floor of wood of the moisture content of not less than 6%.

2, bug eat by moth. The raw material of the floor is wood, and wood bred worms easily, if the floor quality is bad, the wood quality is bad, is likely to be out of moths. To prevent bug eat by moth, the choose and buy after drying kiln steam injection process to produce the wooden floor, although the price is more expensive, but has been killed in lumber entirely; Second, chooses keel seriously, always have bug eye or bark, uniform need not.

3, grilled seam. 'Split' phenomenon in a floor, are also associated with floor quality, the so-called 'seam', is the floor is good after a few days, larger crack appeared between batten. Mostly as exorbitant as the moisture content before laying wooden floor, about, contract because of indoor high temperature or airing; So, need to pay attention to the moisture content of wooden floor laid before, should be at eight 13%, after and spread be over, need to put in a timely manner.

2, floor repair to repair damaged - - Remedy

1, brush paint. If serious scratches, floor by floor paint film breakage or thief, can dip in with water sand paper suds burnish, and wipe up, local complementary color, after being dry color after dry brush besmear again a lacquer, dry after 24 hours, water sand paper burnish, then wipe floor wax polish.

2, polishing wax. If there is no bad paint film on the surface of the floor, just a little scratch marks, can be in after the floor is clean, use polishes polishing directly. Polishing wax can protect the luster of the floor, make the floor surface is smooth, avoid to scratch where further damage.

3, floor essential oil. If the floor surface scratch is not serious, it is suggested that using essential oils with the floor, the floor of essential oil to protect the floor, a place for minor scratches will not deepen color; Bubble appears after the repair, usable fine sandpaper grind to gently, is best done when the weather is dry, will get twice the result with half the effort.

3, floor repair to repair damaged - - Repair steps

1, will need to replace floor destroy first, and then removed completely.

2, using tools to replace the floor of the short side carved out a gap, reoccupy sawing saws will need to change the floor surface, will be divided into small pieces of the floor, make sure not to damage the surrounding floor.

around 3, will remove the floor glue is clean, and make sure to clean up good mortise ease of installation, if cleaning is not thorough, seam is uneven or lax.

4, then deal with the new floor, cut off new slot while the bottom half of the floor, and clean up the mortise, pay attention to reserve some space, after the glue, will occupy a certain space.

5, install the new floor in the location need to be replaced, the original around the floor board games with glue, and mortise place in the new floor also on glue, then the gap under the waste plate position, tenon and short to long side tenon embedded in the original around the rabbet of the floor in the corner of the slit, reoccupy hand press and gently with a special tool to hit into the cushion block, note before you install than length are consistent, if the new long, can be short, short only disassembling the whole floor.

if the old wooden floor whole was badly damaged in the home, can the overall redecorated, the first floor and no difference, just pry out all the floor first.

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