Alien furniture of choose and buy should pay attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-08

personalization and environmental protection with alien is consumer most want to buy furniture, especially the environmental protection problem is directly related to people's safety and health, has been more and more get people's attention. The personage inside course of study says, bear in mind that when buying different furniture forbid the five to ensure that different furniture of environmental protection, as for in terms of different furniture personalized, it might as well consider professional designers, please provide. Consumers in alien when furniture of choose and buy should pay attention to five passes actually refers to smell, look at the report, the asking price, sign the contract and invoice, this five aspects to guarantee oneself buy home furniture to meet the requirements of environmental protection of the corresponding.

to smell the flavor of the alien furniture: wooden furniture alien that sells in the market, besides furniture of completely real wood craftworks, majority has man-made board part. So when the choose and buy special to smell the smell. If make tear of stream of people, sneeze, different furniture formaldehyde release a quantity is higher, unfavorable buy. Look at different furniture quality inspection report: consumer demands quality inspection report to agency, look at the different furniture formaldehyde release a quantity to whether according with the standard range. National standard 'interior decoration decorates material in the wooden furniture alien harmful material set limit to' regulation, the wood in different furniture formaldehyde release a quantity per litre shall not be greater than 1. 5 mg. Suggest to buy reach E1 ( European level) Standard plate made of different furniture, only truly reach E1 standard plank to harmless to the human body.

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