According to the size of the table lamps and lanterns is the reasonable choice restaurant

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

choose the restaurant with lamps and lanterns is not as long as see brand, dining-room whole decorate a style, but also refer to the table of the style and size, then according to the size of the table lamps and lanterns is the reasonable choice restaurant? Small make up for your analysis.

1, the long table. For a row of composed of multiple small droplight style, and each small lamp had better have control switch, can according to the specific dining situation to open the corresponding lamp light.

2, folding table. Retractable stainless steel round droplight can be selected for in accordance with the need to expand the light space at any time.

3, square table. If fixed shape, size is not big, can choose the droplight of single lamp that droplight or wind chimes.

above, is to choose restaurant according to size table lamps and lanterns to consider three scenarios.

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