According to the selection of human body structure size sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

choice of the size of the sofa is very important, this relates to the sofa put questions, if it is too big, home of the space is not put, if too small home seemed to be empty, today we put aside, fit the space environment to choose sofa size to learn according to the human body to choose sofa, although it is not very important, but can be used as furniture to understand common sense. ( Sofa size in accordance with the commonly: length, width and height to select, length, width and height can be referred to as: wide, deep, high. )

the length, length refers to the maximum distance between two sofa armrest outer, and can block length is the maximum distance between two armrest inside. Determine how many people can do the length of the sofa, single person sofa size is 760 mmx760mm commonly, up to 810 mm X810mm is sufficient. Standard twin sofa size on the peripheral width is in commonly 1400 mm & ndash; 2000 mm between, three sofa usually is 1750-1980 - mm length. And corner sofa X760mm corner where size is 760 mm, the length of the sofa is in accordance with the customs of the body width and let it go to carry on the design, but a lot of people to personalized design different lengths of the sofa.

2, breadth, width refers to the sofa back once upon a time, the maximum distance before and after, including back of a chair, sofa. Sofa in the 800 mm width - The width of 1000 mm, remove back in 550 - mm 700 mm is normal, the depth of the sofa must consider how much distance on the sofa back body is the most comfortable; In general if sofa edge lies squarely in the middle of the calf, affect the comfort level.

3, highly said height from the ground to the top of the sofa is sofa and one of the biggest distance and height to choose according to their height, a lot of people in Asia and the United States and Europe to compare, Asia: height - in 400 Between 450, Europe and the United States: 430 - Between 470, a tall man can choose the size of Europe and the United States.

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