About the classification of brand solid wood furniture and the advantages and disadvantages

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
A, oak furniture brands used real wood furniture of real wood material of oak furniture on the market are common, divided into red oak and white oak, fine oak produced in foreign countries, mostly in the United States common oak furniture. 1. Advantages: oak wooden furniture is harder, stronger stability, texture clear, quietly elegant of colour and lustre, wear resistance, make furniture is durable. 2. Weakness: the moisture in oak furniture is not easy to completely dry, for a long time is relatively easy to rotten. 2, birch birch furniture furniture is also more common furniture on the market, mucomembranous slightly brown, rings, surface smooth and shiny. 1. Advantages: easy processing, made of birch furniture with resistance, edge smooth, good performance of paint and glue. Birch bark is more flexible. Most manufacturers like birch as core material or other furniture as parquet material. 2. Disadvantages: fiber shear resistance is poor, easy qi stubble breaking, birch and its root nodules in many patterns, hygroscopicity is big also, dry easily warping, wear-resisting. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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