A set of sofa production technology and process

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

the sitting room sofa is arguably the most typical, the most frequently used furniture furniture. Outside came home after a busy day, we usually likes to lie on the sofa. After the meal will be sitting on the sofa watching TV. So, how do sofa is made of? Do you know? Don't know if it doesn't matter, today small make up, gave you talk about a set of sofa production technology and process. A set of sofa, its basic process can be divided into the following these steps.

1, the production of sofa framework, render

before sofa started making, need to be good in the picture are experienced master plate, there is no good sample could not make a good sofa. Because at each connecting all need careful calculations, made by a isn't a little bit of gap in appearance. After plate fixed began to formal production sofa framework. The sofa frame are divided into two kinds of material: solid wood and composite panels. The framework of sofa, in the small make up looks almost like human skeleton, supporting the whole sofa. Sofa frame structure of the firm and the rationality of the design point of view will influence the quality and function of the sofa.

2, sofa filler

according to the shape of the shape cut out of the sofa of sponge, then sponge bag outside the sofa frame. Sofa fillers including sponge inside, feather and spun rayon. Sponge types are mainly high, medium and low three different density of sponge. Sofa sponge will be related to the sofa to sit inside. Fill the sponge quality will also affect the service life of sofa.

3, sewing

you see sofa, each face is a piece of board, of pedal, place the pedal on the cowhide, pay attention to avoid the unqualified. Later began to cut leather. Also can use the blade row, of course, if it is the cloth can electric scissors, can cut layers at a time. Cut, the sofa cushion, armrest, back of a chair, classification, packaging, in order to facilitate the next sewing & Prime; The efficient production smoothly. Sewing, flat car, will cut a good skin, joint, even a sew this procedure is very important, in relation to the appearance of a sofa process quality.

4, and line pressing

single needle car, single line and double line needs to be pressure to 5 mm margin line left and right sides is symmetrical, flat clear, uniform rules. Double needle car, will be fabric together in flat car place, double needle car will fold seam. The entire coat of cloth art sofa production process and so on. But will be easier than cutting leather cutting cloth point. It's all the same but for skilled workers.

5, ammonites skin

will be sewn on good sofa leather or cloth sofa. According to the appearance of sofa moderate gun nails fixed position. Cloth art sofa you need zipper, metal pieces. This is a set of sofa production technology and process, complete the above process after you can see above the sofa.

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