A magical furniture: water droplets chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

the magic of furniture: water droplets chair, chair of water droplets: drop chair, is a famous master of Arne Jocabsen design, the shape and structure of the most magical is not a unique innovation, also is not applicable to any place USES, but his story.

water droplets chair was born in 1958, when he was done and the egg chair design, but I only put egg chair authorized manufacturer at the time, and the water droplets chair is always treasure at home.

manufacturers don't care about at the beginning, but sales of the egg chair manufacturers was very surprised, the annual sales of egg chair unexpectedly broke the record of classic furniture industry, furniture manufacturer is aware that this type of already thorough popular feeling, get the recognition of the world, just think of buying water droplets distribution rights with a chair, but was Arne Jocabsen refused.

Arne Jocabsen said this chair as their own private collection, also don't want to come out.

water droplets chair is the museum of modern art in the United States later MOMA's permanent collection.

water droplets chair until the last few years show that people line of sight, the official start of the interview.

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