A hotel room where the easiest to set the pinhole camera do you know?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-26

in daily life, people are traveling or on business, hotel is our first choice to stay in one place, comfortable accommodation environment can make us better to rest. In recent years the hotel will often be reported a lot of black material, whether it is the mirror of the electric kettle or hotel, an alarming are often, but there are news reports frequently out some shady hotel, there will always be placed in the room all kinds of pinhole camera. Generally in a hotel, can be placed on the bed, the bathroom where the probability of pinhole camera is bigger, especially some couples room but also the object of being installed.

of course, if you were in a rental or hotel, not only to prevent external, internal, but also prevent the most of a girl was talking about, is the landlord secretly install pinhole camera, make like overheard the movie, although feel very magical, but in fact this kind of situation, and you don't know, because you didn't pay attention to query, the one thousand check?

the question is, what is the most vulnerable to set the pinhole camera?

so today we take a look at and possibly exists the question, can generally taken to lie in bed, the place where the bathroom is placed at greater risk of pinhole camera, especially in the following, first of all, the first is the hook it would certainly be a lot of people have been ignoring a place, usually in a hotel, the location of the hook is usually are for the position of the bed, if criminals on the hooks placed cameras, that your privacy will take in everything in a glance. So that's why a lot of people will be a bit more to worry about!

the hotel's 'camera' is hidden in these places

there is a place where is the place where we often ignore, but we will find through this place, and it is now as long as you want to do bad things, really is a place where we can't imagine they can do, for instance, in a hotel room, the most is the plug, both in the air conditioning, TV, bed, toilet, the plug is everywhere, whether in which plug place, place the camera in the basic is no privacy at all, and place the camera in the plug, everybody is not so easy to find, so go out friend should pay attention to the hotel.

1, bath light

the bathroom ceiling, often take a shower of the place was a shower or bath bully lamp above, this pain points and safety are often the most easy to hide, normal, after all, even if a heart looking for camera, but also won't go to the bath. Zhang lamp, otherwise things didn't find, blinded eyes were flashing. Light off the right way is to bath, the bathroom becomes very dark, after using a mobile phone to check bath lamp lamplight, because the general camera lens glass reflect light, have night vision function even shine, so use mobile phone in the night the lighting is very wise choice.

3, preaction sprinkler

a lot of toilet is equipped with fire sprinkler, here is also very easy to install the miniature camera.

2, ventilation

the hotel bathroom designs a ventilation system, this is very easy to overlook, because of unusual home all have no, but the mouth breathing, is also very easy to hide stealth monitoring devices, often a lot of popularity in the past, actually also can through the light to see by mobile phone.

in addition to the bathroom toilet glass toward the side of shower room, squat down the plug socket location of shower room, and even some in the shower, small-scale operations. If found in the bathroom to find the camera, what to do? Actually the best way is to dismantle, save as evidence, alarm, immediately after the evidence to the police.

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