A few ways to buy suitable size of the eat desk and chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04
Is the first thought of many consumers when choosing eat table and chair style. In fact, besides the style, the main or to consider whether the size of the eat desk and chair goes with the size of his own restaurant. Here to teach you a few action, make you relaxed to choose the right eat table and chair.

the first recruit: try to take off the shoes height

to buy eat desk and chair, the height of chair is very important, if wearing a thick foundation of the shoes or high heels it is best to try to take off the shoes height, can look at your feet hit the floor. If you do not touch that highly inappropriate. Chair if more than 45 cm high, it may be too high for ms.

the second recruit: the chair look into deep

for tall people. Deep big chair is more comfortable to sit on. If a family member's taller to pay attention to this problem. Adults generally use the eat chair size is 60 centimeters wide. 50 cm deep. If one side is a wall, chair and the wall between the net distance at least 60 centimeters, otherwise people will appear when through some difficult.

three recruit: form a complete set of tables and chairs to

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