5 ways to easily children furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

children furniture of choose and buy, before you parents all want to grasp the skills of choose and buy, it was able to ensure that children grow in a healthy environment. So, children's furniture of choose and buy when should pay attention to what matters, we together and see it!

1, choose qualified standard products

children furniture of choose and buy when, should pay attention to see if any children furniture warning signs, to express according to GB28007 - buy enterprises 2011 'the children furniture general technical conditions' requirement of children furniture products, ensure use safety.

2, choose a brand of product

consumer is when the choose and buy must have certain safety and environmental protection index, choose as far as possible big brand with quality assurance, want to take a closer look at children's furniture in the product specification whether express implement national mandatory standards, to check the structure safety index and harmful substance content is in line with the national mandatory standards, can't pursue cheap, avoid safe hidden trouble.

3, from 3 without & throughout; Product

3 without the product refers to the manufacturers, production address, date of production and use of note item in the product, the quality and safety of the products is not guaranteed, some even pose a safety hazard. Buy children furniture should choose regular furniture sell branded goods, for the product instruction manual and warranty card, and invoice, provide the basis for maintaining the legitimate rights and interests.

4, pay attention to environmental protection harmless materials

parents in choosing a children's furniture must require merchants out furniture factory inspection report and the environmental protection certificate, check whether harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal content, such as businesses can't provide the test report, had better not buy it. Had better choose woodiness furniture, can reduce pollution, but also to children's furniture lacquer must be pay attention to, such as UV painting process is very environmentally friendly. So we can let the children from an early age to live in healthy and natural environment.

5, pay attention to choose risk coefficient of furniture

in children furniture, almost all the tables and chairs, beds, cabinets are likely to have some gaps or holes. If the cracks or holes size is not standard, the child is easy to card in the finger or the limb and led to the task. So when choosing children furniture, pay attention to the furniture between cracks and holes should comply with the regulations, must ensure that children can a finger into it.

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